A: Please note that we process and ship all orders from our warehouse Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays) in Korea.
Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information.

A: You will be able to select preferred shipping methods on the checkout page.
If you choose to use one of the premium shipping services, the additional cost will be applied to the total order amount.
For more details on shipping services and estimated shipping days, please refer to the table below.

Shipping Services Estimated shipping days
eGS Standard (Standard, Australia only) 20–55 business days
FedEx Priority (Express) 4-20 business days

Shipping Services Estimated shipping days
K-Packet (Standard) 8-16 business days
Lotte Global Logistics (Standard) 7-10 business days
YSL (Standard) 14-60 business days
EMS (Express) 3-15 business days
FedEx Priority (Express) 1-15 business days

Shipping Services Estimated shipping days
YSL (Standard) 14-30 business days
K Packet (Standard) 10-50 business days
EMS (Express) 5-30 business days
FedEx (Express) 1-18 business days

(standard shipping options are applicable for RUSSIA Only)
Shipping Services Estimated shipping days
K-Packet (Standard) 12-45 business days
Lotte Global Logistics (Standard) 11-35 business days
FedEx Priority (Express) 11-30 business days
EMS (Express) 5-19 business days

Shipping Services Estimated shipping days
eGS Standard (Standard) 20-55 business days
FedEx Priority (Express) 2-17 business days
EMS (Express) 5-20 business days

Shipping Services Estimated shipping days
K Packet (Standard) 7-50 business days
Lotte Global Logistics (Standard) 6-47 business days
FedEx Priority (Express) 1-30 business days
EMS (Express) 2-20 business days

A: The estimated delivery time of your order is the total estimated order processing time plus the estimated shipping time of the shipping method of your choice.
You can also choose an express shipping service for a shorter delivery time.

*Please note that delivery time may vary under unforeseen circumstances and may take longer during sales periods, public holidays, and extreme weather conditions.

*Due to the pandemic, there may be delays in delivery in some locations.
We are monitoring the COVID -19 situation closely and implementing plans so that we can continue our operations while maintaining safety and limiting any impact on your shopping experience.

A: Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with shipping information: Name of the assigned courier, tracking number, and tracking link.
You will also be able to see the status of your order on the "Account" page on GLOWMONDE.

A: Please note that we inform you of the tracking number as soon as we receive it.
There is a possibility that you may receive the tracking number before the shipping company has updated their database and uploaded the information to their website.
It can take up to 40 hours for the tracking details to be updated.

A: Once your order has been shipped, the package is in the hands of the courier.
To get the latest information about your package, please refer to the tracking number and link you receive after your order is shipped.
It is the customer's responsibility to check the details of the shipment and contact the courier if there are any issues to arrange for redelivery, instructions for collection, etc.
If you encounter a problem that you cannot find a solution for, please contact us via and we will try our best to help you.

A: In some circumstances, packages may be delivered to your mailbox or dropped off and signed for by your neighbors.
If you cannot find your parcel, please check with the courier using the provided tracking number.

A: We are sorry to hear about your concern.
Please note that the products in your order may have been split into two or more shipments due to weight restrictions.
You can look up tracking information for your additional packages in your email or on the "Account" page.

If you do not find additional tracking information and your item is indeed missing, please contact Customer Service Support via with the order number, name of the missing item, and package photos for our team to investigate further.
GLOWMONDE will cover the full value of the lost item during transit with confirmation from the courier company.

A: If you are unavailable at the time of parcel delivery, the courier will contact you and try to arrange a redelivery at a convenient time.
If the courier still cannot reach you after several attempts, your package will be returned to our warehouse in Korea.
In the case of returns by our courier partners, the GLOWMONDE team will consider such packages as undeliverable packages.
In such circumstances, you will receive a notification email to confirm the disposition of the package, i.e. refund of the order or reshipment. Both options, i.e.
order refund or reshipment, will incur processing fees for the customer to return the package or additional fees for the return shipment before an arrangement is processed further. 

A: Unfortunately, we do not ship to the following addresses: P.O. Box, APO, FPO, DPO.
For the safe delivery of your order, we advise you not to specify Post Office P.O. Box as the destination address when placing your order.
Otherwise, there may be delays in delivery. 

A: Please note that when ordering from GLOWMONDE, the customer is deemed to be the importer of the products purchased and is responsible for any customs duties, import duties, goods and services tax (GST), value-added tax (VAT), or similar customs related charges.
Please note that customs regulations vary from country to country and GLOWMONDE is not responsible for any customs-related fees that may be incurred.
We strongly recommend that you contact your local customs office for further information.

In addition to customs fees, customers may incur other fees, such as administrative or brokerage fees. These are handling fees incurred as a result of customs processing and clearance of your shipment.
Customers are required to pay the appropriate courier service upon delivery of the shipment. 

Please note that some countries may restrict the import of cosmetics depending on their policies.
Any problems that may arise are the responsibility of the recipient. Therefore, additional taxes and fees may apply depending on customs and tax policies.
Please contact customs in advance to ensure safe shipping and check your local customs policies for more information.

If additional documents are required for customs clearance, we will provide them to the best of our ability, although this cannot be guaranteed.