If you're new to skincare, you have probably experienced the annoying phenomenon of skincare pilling (not to be confused with peeling), without quite knowing why it keeps happening. Seeing your freshly applied products flaking, balling up into little clumps and falling off might just be one of the most frustrating feelings, and, trust me, you ARE allowed to scream.

If you're a seasoned skincare enthusiast, you may still have some instances of skincare pilling. We are here to break down the causes of skincare pilling, and uncover fail-proof solutions that will save you time and post-routine frustration.


The good news is that the causes of skincare pilling are relatively simple and easy to pinpoint. They lie in 3 crucial categories: Timing, Quantity and Formula.

· You're applying your skincare too fast, not letting the skin absorb each product. They end up rubbing against one another and flaking.
· The golden rule of skincare suggests to apply watery textures first, then move on to the heavier textures last. If you reverse the timing of application, the heavier textures will ball up if they are rubbed in with watery substances.

· Too much of one or multiple products will result in pilling: you only need a thin layer of a product for its ingredients to work. A fingertip unit for thick textures, and 1 to 3 drops for watery textures.
· Too many different formulas might clash, it might be of better use to apply fewer multi-ingredients products that are already formulated for their ingredients to work together.

Incompatible formulas
· Oil-based vs. water-based, silicone-based vs. non-silicone-based products. Mixing them without an order can result in the formulas reacting to one another and flaking.
· Always use the golden rule: the water-based products should be applied first, and the moisture they bring in should be locked in with the oil-based products. Silicone-based products should also be applied at the last steps of your routine since they act as a protective barrier.
· Applying waterproof SPF on water-based products or damp skin can lead so pilling. Check the SPF label before layering it on top of a water-based product.


1. Privilege water-based products between the cleansing and moisturizing phase of your routine: watery essences are a great way to layer active ingredients with no limit, provided you let the skin absorb each layer before applying another one.
2. If you wish to solve a skin problem that requires multiple different active agents, multi-ingredient products allow us to use less product with multiple ingredients. Here are some of our picks for multi-ingredient products.

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